7 sept. 2018

misekake no robusongu - indigo la End

A cabo de terminar de ver Love Stage y estoy leyendo el manga... pienso en los japos, tan lindos y raros, y la manera en que te ven por no ser japonés, medio bien y medio mal... no sé como explicarlo. ok, en Japón un poco escuché Jpop y Jrock, pues estaba a un lado de la Tower Records. Ah que lindo, Shibuya, pero qué alivio no andar ya por esos rumbos, y aún así, me imagino que volveré, aunque sea una gran complicación en esta vida. En fin, esta canción es de indigo la End, no puedo decir que me recuerda a Tokyo, en realidad esta canción suena a Technicolor Fabrics, una banda chilena, jaja.
Pero indigo la End me parece super sweet, pff, que casi me dan ganas de llorar.

4 weeks in Japan

I left Seoul with some heaviness in my heart.
I have to admit I was sad. yes, sad, for leaving a country.... aaaah so sad indeed now that I think about it, but since I arrived to Tokyo I felt very welcomed. Very happy, warm, I met a super nice friend, I went to all types of places, Japanese people were as lovely as they can be,,, always a bit distant tho... why are asians distant? well, Chinese were not haha, but oh, china, it is so difficult to live there, hot water? no thanks. Still, I am not the friendliest, not a person that gets close to others easily, and yet I cried on the last day at EF Tokyo. Ha, and even hug Tetta-sensei (he was not really a sensei, local joke) But yeah, I left crying, why did I leave crying?  I guess they were longing tears, because somehow I was glad and desperate to leave.
I remember London, I should go back to London, you see, when I went to England I was too, too happy. Everything was perfect, I couldn't find a single complain... and yet. I wanted to cry at the airport, really, I didn't want to go back, I was going to miss everyone, I just felt too much that summer. too much love, too much adventures, sex and alcohol... haha, back then I was a completely different person but somehow it worked out. I didn't find the love of my life but I found someone I really liked, I found awesome friends, I cried.... cried, cried because I didn't want to leave. and it was so perfect I didn't want to go back for a while, but maybe now... I would go just for the sake of knowing. However I'm too lazy to think seriously. I'm lazy plus I don't know how to do anything on my own. Blame it on my parents, since they are here I can't fucking fuction. I was tho, but since my brother's accident...ugh, yeah...maybe that's why I'm running to the other side of the world. Maybe once... ah, no, forget about it... what should I DO. I'm always in the house, I need some wild adventures... I lived my wild adventures, some time ago. Now it is too quiet. I'm also a bit tired, but ah.... I need to do something, something... fall in love, suffer a bit for a change.
Well, time will tell...

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