3 jun. 2017

Between witches, fairies and dreams

They say you must always dream big, and that if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough. Well right now I’m scared. Of course, once you find something you want to do you are so happy, it is like “wow now I know the meaning of life!! at least of my life!!” which is more than enough…and then, when you start looking for it in depth you are like…”yikes! this is actually hard to do.” I know, I know… haven’t I learned anything? I shouldn’t worry… actually I should be writing an essay about witches in british poetry, but my mind was not really working…my mind was thinking about living abroad and how easy or difficult it can be.

I studied English Literature because I wanted to. I wonder if that was the right decision for a Mexican girl. Can I really teach English abroad or will they always prefer a ‘native’ speaker? Will I be confined to Academy all my life? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret doing what I did because it was what I really wanted: learn about Dickens and Shakespeare and discover what the hell was literary theory and literary criticism and overall, being a more ‘cultured’ person. I also wanted to travel and studying English lit. allowed me to do that: I studied in London and now I study in China, wow! awesome! so far away from home! but of course, along the way I’ve discover my love for traveling and living in the places I’m quite in love with. Also, my love for learning languages. But is that really profitable? After living in China, I want to learn Japanese and then live in Japan. Of course, although my English level is better than most japanese people, they might hire a Canadian, Australian or Irish english speaker over someone whose native tongue is Spanish. Still, hey, I must believe in myself! Who cares about what the internet says about how hard it is to live in Japan! Yeah, hard things. Well, baby, I shouldn’t be so freaking insecure. After all, I’m doing pretty well in China, I think. And China is no easy country either.

What I am rambling about, basically, is in our ability for believing and persisting. I was quite freaking disappointed of myself when I found myself already thinking my dream was impossible without even freaking trying! Like, who cares if I spent two years studying to become a Spanish teacher and then I hate it…it is better to try and live something different than staying in the boredom of security. After all we only have one life, so better spend it doing something amazing, even if we later fail.

I really want to learn other languages, it is never too late and we have a life to do so… even if I have to work as a barista for sometime…(I wonder if baristas win more money than teachers in Mexico) just to have time and money to keep studying what I like. If it was easy it would be boring, right?

I quite have an idea of having a school to make teaching fun, to give something back to life! I’ve been very lucky after all and I feel education improves our lives so much. But I’m also in love with learning…then I must do something with that knowledge, even when some days it is hard! Like today… it seems impossible to start the essay about the figure of supernatural women in British Poetry, but I’ve been reading a lot of books written by Jack Zipes, a fairytale enthusiast. I’m so impressed by the love and dedication he has towards the subject.

I guess that is it. If you chose something you have to love it —or at least like it— and then you have to invest and dedicate yourself to it. So I want to dedicate myself to learning foreigner languages — English is not enough! let’s be fluent in french, korean and japanese! —and even if the path is rouge, one should not be insecure. Just do it. Do it, do it, invest, study, try… eventually there will be a result, and if it turns out as ‘impossible’ o ‘a waste of time’, I’m still pretty sure along the way one must learn something.

Tenacity, perseverance… for whatever you want to do or obtain in this life.

So yeah, Eloisa, let’s not be afraid. You will do it, you will live in the places you want to be and you will be happy you did it. You will not regret it… you just have to be patient and work hard!!

Ah, as for that essay… you will write it and you will graduate and you will do that thesis about Ann Radcliffe.

You get back what you put in. So… never feel frustrated about the hours invested in the library, they will pay off. Of course, taking walks and doing exercise is necessary for your health! haha. But that essay about poetry will be written, because you are able to do it, just like Jack Zipes is able to be obsessed with fairytales and write badass things about them. Get obsessed with your languages, travel the world, become the best, It is possible, it is very, very possible with enough work.

It is normal to feel insecurities, but we should let them define us or prevent us to be daring, to try, to despite them have the courage to go for what we want. 

So dream big, and even when you are scared of those dreams, keep on dreaming. They will come true.

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