30 may. 2018

A new blog

I loved this blog a lot. It started out as a hobby, as an escape from my overwhelming high school life, where I liked very few people (who lucky, are still my friends). I wrote about books and movies I saw and back then I thought being like Roger Ebert was my dream... and in a way it might still be. But now I don't know if I can keep up with that "watch a movie every day and then write your thoughts about it" thing. Some days I don't feel like I can write two lines at all. Some days I don't even think I was able to understand a movie. Still, I want to write. But there are so many things... so at the end I feel I need a fresh start. I still don't know how it will happen... I'm still between Ann Radcliffe and everything gothic...and writing a thesis about it, which I must say is a process I like if not always love. But there is also all my asian thingies love. And that includes watching Ao Haru Ride, learning the right kanjis for "dokushin"(yeah, don't ask why I put so much effort into that) and reading about danmei and Guo Jingming novels. I'm also trying to find the words for my stories... cute stories about love, growth and loneliness... One should go back to what is truly meaningful... and once again I get nostalgic for my past self wandering through Chinese hutongs. Oh well...
The thing is that this blog would be cool for just writing my nonsense, but I want something to write my reviews and thoughts on movies, books and games
And some other to write about my study progress, I mean language study of course...
and then something to write about lit in general.
What a mess I am, am I right... ? but that's what I like and what I'll do.
And for this blog, I won't say farewell but I'll surely be writing much less (if that's possible)
Thanks to all who read me. In English or Spanish.  I hope you'll read me soon, in another place and in another time.

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